Thursday, May 12, 2011

Philip Bloom's "24 Hours of Neon"

Over the past month I've made an effort to learn more about shooting video with DSLR cameras.  Up to this point, I've only really had experience using video cameras.  As I navigate the web to learn more about DSLR cameras, I keep finding myself reading Philip Bloom's blog and Tweets.  For those of you not familiar with Philip, he's a filmmaker that is a big fan of using DSLR cameras to shoot video.  His blog has been a weath of information in my quest to learn more about DSLR cameras, and I also enjoyed Philip's DSLR Basics series of Vimeo videos with Andrea Allen.

During the 2011 NAB convention in Las Vegas, Philip shot a series of time lapse videos from his hotel room's balcony using DSLR cameras.  He edited all his footage and the result is his film titled 24 Hours of Neon.  In some of the scenes, Philip used a technique called high dynamic range (HDR) imaging to capture some amazing looking shots.  I throughly enjoyed watching this time lapse film.  Of all places, Las Vegas offers some of the best scenes for time lapse.  In keeping with his theme of spreading the good word on using DSLR cameras, Philip also recorded an audio commentary track that you can play along with his video.  He gives some great insight into how he shot each scene, and what kind of planning went into the shoot.  He also created a behind the scenes video about this shoot, which was also a great watch.  All of this can be found on his blog, which I highly suggest you check it out:

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