Friday, May 20, 2011

Follow Friday: video production podcasts

Well, it's Friday again, so I figured I would stick with Twitter's "Follow Friday" theme.  Last week I shared a list of all the video production blogs that I keep an eye on and this week I figured you might appreciate a list of the video production podcasts that I listen to. 

The Terence and Philip Show
This podcast features Terence Curren, owner of Alpha Dogs post production facility, and Philip Hodgetts.  I'm a big Philip Hodgetts fan, so of course I listen to this podcast.  Actually, I seem to talk about Philip on a weekly basis on this blog, so I bet I'm starting to creep him out a bit!  This podcast is usually a pretty informal discussion about the latest trends in the video production world.  They start with a topic and usually seem to drift off on a tangent, but always keep it relevant and interesting.  It's great to hear the thoughts of two industry professionals.  Terence and Philip are pretty entertaining guys, so this podcast is defineltly worth checking out. 

Digital Production Buzz 
This podcast is hosted by Larry Jordan and Michael Horton.  Larry is a certified trainer, hosts training webinars, writes a great blog, publishes a FCP newsletter, and is all over the video production world.  Michael runs the Los Angeles Final Cut Pro User Group.  This podcast is much more structured than The Terence and Philip Show.  Larry and Michael usually have a handful of guest interviews on their podcast, and keep to a tighter schedule than other podcasts.  It sounds more like a radio talk show, rather than an informal discussion show.  Listening to this podcast really keeps me updated on what trends are popular in the video production industry. 

The DV Show 
This podcast is hosted by video production professional Brian Alves.  To me, this podcast appeals to a slightly lower level production pro than The Terence and Philip Show or Digital Production Buzz.  Some of the topics discussed on The DV Show are video production basics, and some of the people calling in with questions seem to be beginners.  That being said, Brian also does a good job of including topics and questions geared toward those people that have had more experience in the video production industry.  This podcast is a nice mix of discussion about current trends in the industry, gear talk, and general video production tips and tricks.  Brian has a very professional sounding production, which adds to this podcast being a great listen. 

Creative Cow Podcasts 
I'm not a huge fan of video production podcasts that are strictly tutorials, but Creative Cow does a great job with their podcasts.  I especially enjoy their podcast tutorials from Andrew Devis and Richard Harrington.  These tutorial podcasts are well produced, and I always learn something from the production pros that host them.

Speaking of Creative Cow, I saw a forum post stating that they're planning on starting up the Creative Cow weekly podcast again and they're looking for someone to host it.  Looking at the brief description, the format will be a weekly podcast, 15 minutes in length, discussing the week's news and will feature a short interview.  I'm guessing the interview will usually be a representative from one of the many companies that advertise on Creative Cow.  I look forward to subscribing to the weekly podcast when they get it up and running.

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