Sunday, February 8, 2015

Tim Albright's AV Nation blog: Transitioning from Tech Manager

Tim Albright wrote a blog post and made a nice mention of Tomei AV Consulting:

"As I write this the AVNation team is about 24 hours from landing in Amsterdam for ISE 2015. We have talked extensively about it. For all the coverage we will be doing over the next week you can go to our ISE 2015 page.
Today, however, I have some of my fellow technology managers on my mind. As opportunities like ISE come up I am struck by where my beginnings in AV were; a technology manager. This is the sometimes thankless job of supporting faculty, managing budgets, staying up on the latest changes in technology, and staying current on certifications. Technology managers design, install, program, and maintain vast swaths of rooms; everything from a simple 20 person classroom to auditoriums. There are some great ones out there. Ernie Bailey from UAMS, Greg Brown of UCLA, Scott Tiner of Bates College and more. These people do what they do at their institutions plus volunteer to give InfoComm International the insight they need to help the tech managers.
There are some tech managers who have moved on to other endeavors. Matt Silverman who worked for George Mason University now works for Crestron. I went from Lewis & Clark Community College to Innovad, and independent programming and design consulting firm. Now my friend, Mike Tomei, has made the switch as well. Mike has ventured out on his own to start a consulting business of his own. Here’s why you should hire a tech manager, or former tech manager.
Design Breadth
Tech managers have seen nearly every use of AV in their schools. Educational institutions have board rooms, VTC, audio conferencing, classrooms, gyms, stadiums, and broadcast facilities. These tech managers need to be able to assess what the end user is trying to accomplish in their space and create a design that meets budget and performance requirements. They are some of the most creative designers I have run into.
Technical Education
This group is in an environment that values education, certifications, and degrees probably more than most. That being the case, most are encouraged to further their knowledge which means they are on top of the latest education AV companies and organizations have to offer.
Value Engineering
Most of us hate this word. However, tech managers have learned to use it to their advantage. This is why I say they are the most creative designers out there. They know the tricks to get what they need out of a room while balancing the budget arm of their institution.
Work Ethic
You want someone who knows the meaning of a deadline? How about a group of people who will work all weekend before a semester starts because “all these classrooms have to be ready by Monday”? Yeah, these are the folks. More than once the story has been told of starting on a Friday night and walking out at 12:01 Monday before a semester. These people know how to get stuff done.
Now, are there some tech managers who aren’t so great, sure. For the most part every tech manager I have encountered is a hard working, talented AV professional. If you get the chance to bring one on your staff you should at least have a conversation with them.
I am off to Amsterdam to get to know ISE better. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. Have a great week."

Friday, February 6, 2015

Commercial Integrator: Tomei AV Consulting to Shine in Education Market

Commercial Integrator published an article about the formation of my company on their website in February 2015:
The AV integration industry is definitely growing, and the proof is in the number of new businesses blooming in this time of economic recovery.  The industry earned a new colleague this past January when Mike Tomei started Tomei AV Consulting LLC, an independent audio visual consulting firm based in Central New York.
Tomei spent over a decade working in AV design and support departments at Harvard University, Ithaca College and even Disney World. He has also worked as a freelance technician in the field, holding both of the InfoComm CTS-D and CTS-I certifications.  Mike Tomei is also a recurring guest on AVNation’s EdTech podcast.
Tomei AV Consulting provides AV management consulting, system design and project management to the higher education, K-12, corporate and other commercial markets. As the owner, Tomei will bring his unique experience of AV design and support in the education market to his firms’ projects.
“The unique aspect that sets me apart from most AV consultants is that in addition to providing clients with traditional AV consulting services like system design and installation project management, I also focus on providing management consulting to higher education and K-12 AV design and support departments,” says Tomei.
The consulting firm will supply services such as AV strategic plan development, organizational structure analysis, staff development, AV standards development, spacial planning and operations analysis.
Visit Tomei AV Consulting to learn more.