Friday, May 13, 2011

Follow Friday: video production blogs

In keeping with the Twitter theme of "follow Friday", I figured I would write a post about all the video production and post production blogs that I read.  I use Google Reader (a RSS reader) to keep up on all the updates to these blogs.  If you don't use a RSS reader, I highly suggest you read up on them and give one a try.  It thoroughly speeds up the process of keeping tabs on many different websites and blogs.

There's so many great video production blogs out there, so if you recommend some others I should check out, let me know in the comments.

Philip Bloom
He's a filmmaker that often uses DSLR cameras to shoot video.  Very creative and entertaining guy, and seems to love to share his knowledge with others.

Philip Hodgetts
I've talked about him before on this blog, and I'll say it again: he's one of my favorite personalities in the video production world.  I took a class taught by him at NAB's Post Production World and started to follow his blog.  Very knowledgeable and entertaining to read.

Richard Harrington
I was introduced to Richard by seeing his posts on the Creative Cow forums and hearing him speak at a Boston FCP User Group meeting.  I get lots of Photoshop and Adobe CS5 tips from Richard.

Gary Adcock
You've probably seen his posts and tutorials all over the Creative Cow forums.  After hearing Gary speak at a Boston Final Cut Pro User Group meeting, I started following him.

Larry Jordan
Producing a podcast, blogging, training and hosting webinars, he might be one of the hardest working guys I've ever seen.  He's a great source of FCP insight.

Walter Biscardi
Walter owns a production company in Georgia and has a very entertaining Twitter feed.  Has great insights about FCP and the video production business in general.

Todd Kopriva
Todd works for Adobe and writes two great blogs that I read regularly:  his After Effects blog and his Premiere Pro blog.  I even took a Post Production World class taught by Todd. 

Shane Hurlbut
Very creative cinematographer that's also into using DSLR cameras to shoot video.  Plus, he was born and raised in the same town I'm from:  Ithaca, NY.

Vincent Laforet
Another filmmaker that likes to use DSLR cameras to shoot video.  Very creative guy and also has a nice page listing the gear that he uses. 

Jason Konoza
An Avid editor working north of the border for CTV, and all around nice guy.

Eric Wise
He's a FCP editor that writes a great blog called Splice Vine. 

Scott Simmons
He has the Twitter username editblog, so how can I not follow him?  Very active editor and great writer. 

Kevin McGowan
I can't leave him off the list...he's my coworker!  He's a DSLR lovin' guy and the first person I call when I have a camera related question.

Triple Exposure
After reading Philip Bloom's blog, I started to get interested in time lapse photography.  In April, Richard Harrington and Scott Bourne started this interesting blog talking about time lapse, HDR and panoramic photography.


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