Monday, August 1, 2011

NASA Juno Tweetup: preview of my report

Juno spacecraft

Even though this blog typically focuses on video production and other tech related subjects, next week I'll post a report that relates to another one of my interests: space exploration.  On Thursday and Friday (8/4 and 8/5), I'll be attending a Tweetup at the Kennedy Space Center for the launch of the unmanned spacecraft, Juno.  It'll launch atop an Atlas V rocket leaving Cape Canaveral, and Juno will travel for five years to Jupiter.  When it reaches Jupiter, it will orbit the planet for one year, studying the atmosphere and mapping the planet's surface, then will end its life by deorbiting into Jupiter.

Atlas V rocket that will launch Juno

If you're not familiar with a Tweetup, it's a marketing tactic where an organization, like NASA, gathers enthusiastic Twitter users in hopes that we will drum up online interest in NASA and the Juno program.  NASA will give us a behind the scenes tour of the Kennedy Space Center, a chance to talk to the scientists and engineers that created the Juno spacecraft, then we get to watch the Atlas V launch from the media site with the famous countdown clock.

NASA countdown clock at the KSC media site

The first launch window is on Friday, 8/5, at 11:34am EDT, with another launch window open exactly 24 hours later.  Let's hope for good weather so I can witness my first launch.  Tune into NASA TV to watch the launch, then keep an eye on this blog for my report and pictures from the Tweetup.

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